An area with a mild climate in all seasons, perfect for weddings and outdoor celebrations throughout the year. Puglia is a great coastline, you’ll be spoiled for choice, from Gargano to Salento you will find many beaches on the shore of a beautiful sea.

Apulian beaches are the perfect place to organize a wedding or event outside the box or to live an experience in close contact with nature and in pure Mediterranean style, warmed by the sun and caressed by the wind. The celebration, or secular humanist, will be made in the presence of the great prospects offered by the sea, giving you the best auspices and unparalleled beauty moments ..


A land with a unique location, the perfect place to celebrate a fairytale wedding and for unique experiences, Puglia is characterized by a well-established tradition of marriages and is the ideal place for their celebration.

It has become the favorite destination of many famous couples who have chosen to crown their dream of love in stately homes and castles where they lived noble and real and of great historical and artistic value. Get married in these locations will make you feel like princes and princesses, and above all you can celebrate your wedding or organizing an event in all seasons, since these structures are fascinating and wonderful both in external and internal areas.

wedding in dimore storiche
wedding masserie di Puglia


Puglia offers unique and peculiar location, as the farms located in full of lush olive campaigns, which fano now part of the collective, famous for their beauty and romance that evoke. In addition to these specific symbol location of a centuries-old culture of this land, in Apulia there are farms where nature is the master and the animals live in their habitat and coexist harmoniously with the guests.

In these places you can enjoy a menu of zero kilometer products for genuine and elaborated dishes in a refined key. At the same time you can live the best day of your life, longer, with your relatives and close friends, since these facilities are equipped with rooms in perfect keeping with the style of the entire location.


Symbol par excellence of Puglia, Trulli, concentrated in the town of Alberobello, became for this World Heritage site and spread throughout the Valle d’Itria, characterized by large countryside rich in olive trees from the capital inland area extending southward. a millennial structure, became a World heritage Site, where you have followed generations of families, stories, traditions and mysteries.

A magical place this in a territory of, made ​​of local stone, with a roof built by the noble art of dell’Incastro limestone slabs, in these facilities within an enchanting setting you can celebrate your wedding, banner the charm and unique atmosphere that only this noble land can give.

wedding in trulli Puglia

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