Puglia Destination Wedding: Foreigners

Puglia Destination Wedding: Foreigners

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In recent years, more and more foreign couples are  getting  married in Puglia. The  boot especially the  heel of Italy has in fact become one of the main wedding destinations  on the planet. This is thanks to a highly respected landscape, artistic and gastronomic heritage.

VIPs and heiresses such as Bianca Guaccero, Mirko Vucinic, Laure Peugeot, Violetta Gruosi, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and even the soap opera, Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang of Beautiful  discovered Puglia  then  the whole world also from a “bridal” perspective.

British, American, Australian, German, Scandinavian and Canadian couples  usually choose  Italy.  Couples  who, from northern Italy and Capri, are slowly choosing more and more consistently Puglia, preferring locations more suited to tradition, such as remarkable farms and villages.

British, American, Australian, German and Canadian couples choose Italy!  In the south the Amalfi coast wins hands down with Capri in mind. Among the trends in recent months, the low season period (read events celebrated also in winter and autumn) and  location preferences more linked to tradition, such as noteworthy farms and villages  are relatively still unexplored potential.

Puglia is therefore a popular and special destination. And I’m here, ready to let you discover what a land so wonderful can offer you.

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