Puglia Destination Wedding, Chapter 2: the olive trees

Puglia Destination Wedding, Chapter 2: the olive trees

Without doubt, one of the most representative symbols of Puglia is our breath taking olive trees.  Despite the recent sad events connected to the bothersome Xylella, the presence of these appealing secular plants in the heel of Italy is extraordinary.

Getting married amongst these magnificent secular trees adds to the most important day of your life, a touch of exclusive magic.  Branches that photograph years and years of history, the rays of sunshine that push their way through the leaves, the perfume of the earth: every detail is a wedding gift from nature.

To be daring in these cases, we must and can from the choice of the wedding gown, to that of the shoes, from the table settings to the eventual theme choice of the party.  It is no coincidence that the Pugliese territory some time ago was chosen for the scenes of two weddings by the famous soap opera crew “The bold and the Beautiful”. The highly anticipated wedding ceremony filmed between Ridge and Brooke, at the time interpreted by Ron Moss and Kathrine Kelly Lang.

A wedding amongst the olive trees in Puglia is a fairytale come true. A story, which the couple can forever tell their grandparents and grandchildren before kissing them goodnight.

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