Saint  Valentine Day Proposals

Saint  Valentine Day Proposals

Saint Valentine’s Day means “LOVE”.  This sentence summarizes the significance of this day.  A celebration dedicated to all lovers, so what better occasion is there to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Yes, not only men can propose but women can also be the protagonists of an unforgettable wedding proposal.

No matter who the protagonist is, what is involved beyond the proposal is what makes the difference.  You may have understood that every time I imagine a wedding proposal, what comes to my mind are unconventional and sometimes bizarre settings such as in a street or in a crowed place. Fundamentally, I remain a hopeless romantic. A requirement that I consider essential to carry out and tackle my daily goals.

The truth is therefore; my ideal marriage proposal is the classic dream: Have a beautiful evening gown with a breathtaking bundle of red roses accompanied by a note that says, “Be ready for 9” delivered to her. Afterwards, take her to a place linked to a memory you shared together or in an exclusive fairytale location.  Finally hire a violinist or a band, kneel and ask for her hand in marriage.

If you succeed, write to me, what can be more romantic than this?

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