Low Cost Wedding

Low Cost Wedding

Who says  that a special wedding must necessarily cost so much? Today I am going to give you some advice on how to make one of the most important days of your life unforgettable and at the same time saving you  money.

First of all, it is essential to establish in advance what the maximum budget that you intend to spend is. Once this has been established, you can decide how much to allocate to each item or service.  Afterwards start looking for the best opportunities to organize a wedding different from the ordinary standards.

Let’s start from the date: choosing  a low season period, between October and April, will certainly be an excellent starting point. Booking the reception hall in advance. This will help us to contain (and not by little!) the costs. The location may not be used exclusively for weddings so why not  A farm­­?

As for the reception, it is equally important not to waste food, and save money. It may be useful and at the same time original to reduce the number of courses and to provide different angles with abundant appetizers perhaps even  serving first dishes . Then directly to the wedding cake and sweets.  The result would still be nonetheless excellent and appreciated by yours  guests.

Suppliers: there is no real method in saving money but to opt  for candles and olive trees, even if this  appears  as a “minimal” solution. It would ensure a pleasant and romantic impact at a low price. The dress, which usually has an elevated cost could cost a lot less if rented.  There are companies that in fact rent beautiful  wedding dresses and suits  with a certainly lower cost compared to those  if the clothes are purchased.

The car? You could save money by borrowing it from a friend. Why, then, rely on a make-up artist and a hairdresser, when you can find one person who can do both at a lower price? You could save money by opting for just a DJ instead of a band.

A final tip: rely on a wedding planner! I know the tricks of the trade, I can make you spend what you desire without making you waste time and make you live the wedding of your dreams.

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