The most beautiful day of your life is near, but it won’t be in the church. Why? Because you will marry someone of your same sex, because you are divorced or simply because you do not believe in the church. It is a well-known fact that Puglia is land of beautiful churches nevertheless there are plenty of places to celebrate civil ceremonies.

In this article, I will help you choose the perfect place in our beloved region for your wedding.

If you desire a fairy tale, well there are several castles perfect for you:

The Norman Swabian Castle in Sannicandro di Bari. A medieval fortification that stands out in the medieval area of the town among the characteristic houses equipped with external staircases. It was surrounded by an ancient channel in the Swabian era. The Channel was eventually filled and converted into a street in 1835. Built predominantly in stone, it has a mystical and mysterious air, and at night, the windows light up in tones of violet. There were eight fortification towers and only six remain standing today. The towers are also called ” astronomical ” due to their high position that allow you to see the stars. Various kinds of events such as concerts, exhibitions and debates are held in this breathtaking location. The interiors are full of arches and the architecture has seen the influence of many eras. The Castle is surrounded by a large and elegant square.

Relatively similar and equally breathtaking is the Conversano Castle, located in the middle of the town’s beautiful square on the first reliefs of the Murgia. The castle has a majestic trapezoidal structure of Norman origin, which for centuries has been an elegant residence. The view from the cylindrical tower is spectacular. After a series of restorations, there is a municipal art gallery inside the castle. You can see several works among other things such as large paintings depicting episodes of Jerusalem liberated by the seventeenth-century Neapolitan painter Paolo Domenico Finoglio. Civil ceremonies are usually celebrated in the museum or in the cloister.

The castle of Ceglie Messapica is perhaps the most traditional especially for romantics! It looks like the setting of a Disney movie. Richly furnished with towers and stairs. Originally, it was a defensive structure in the Middle Ages and is located at the highest point of the hill where there is a spectacular view of the city of Brindisi. Worthy to mention is also The Convent of San Benedetto, which occupies a large portion of the charming old town. It has a beautiful cloister, a very tall bell tower and a very rare maze.

In any case, it will seem like going back in time for a day and enjoy the beauty of the noble parties of that time, all accompanied by typical shows and folklore music of the past if desired. Prices are reasonable

In the capital of Puglia, the fort of Sant’Antonio is certainly among the most requested. It is certainly less ritzy than a castle. The tower dating back to the thirteenth century makes its beautiful impression. A romantic place overlooking the sea, spacious for guests and complete with decorations.

Also used for weddings, is the Pino Pascali Museum Foundation. Certainly a perfect place for art lovers to celebrate their long-awaited day. The museum was a former nineteenth-century slaughterhouse. It was converted into a non-profit institution in Polignano a Mare eight years ago in order to enhance the works of the famous sculptor. The panoramic sea view makes the place even more exciting end emotionally transporting.

Perfect for a long- awaited “YES” are two additional structures elected municipal houses worthy of note: Sant’Oronzo Banquet Hall in Polignano a Mare, an elegant location surrounded by an enchanting landscape, and the Marchionne Castle in Conversano, a small but charming country manor house located in the province of Bari and used as a reception room for several years.

In conclusion, for the most important day of your lives there is so much to choose from. Just show up on your wedding Day!